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Faculty Advisor

Amira Annabi PHD

F A C U L T Y   A D V I S O R          2012 - 2019, 2020- Present

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Amira Annabi, PhD is an associate professor at Manhattan College in the economics and finance departments . Prior to her career at Manhattan College, she obtained a Bachelor of Science from the Superior Institute of Management, Tunisia; a Master of Sciences in Financial Engineering from HEC Montreal, Canada, and a PhD in Finance from HEC Montreal as well. During her career, professor Annabi has been selected for multiple prestigious fellowships, and been apart of many financial publications. In addition to the publications and fellowships, professor Annabis papers have been presented at numerous prestigious national and international conferences. In 2012, when professor Annabi joined Manhattan College, she became the Manhattan College Investment Club faculty advisor. 

William Foote, PHD

F A C U L T Y   A D V I S O R            2019-2020

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William Foote, PhD is an associate professor at Manhattan College where he teaches various courses in the fields of finance, analytics, accounting, and law . Prior to his career at Manhattan College, he obtained a Bachelor of the Arts degree from Fordham University in Philosophy and Classical Languages; a Master of the Arts in Economics from Fordham University, and a PhD in Economics from Fordham University as well. During his career, professor Foote helped to build an energy and environment practice in Europe for Ernst & Young, led the quantitative capital markets team at Deloitte, and helped to establish new practices in enterprise risk management at Deloitte, Charles River Associates, and more recently at Alvarez & Marsal.
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